Homegrown CSA

Back by popular demand! To sign up, use the form below. Email us with any questions.

We are so excited to offer a CSA program straight from our field to your family again this year. We love our Bayfield community, and look forward to nourishing our neighbors through weekly pick-ups of the Homegrown Harvest, all season long.

The Details:

Contents: The shares will be anchored by a big (~12 oz.) bag of our signature Salad Mix and a large bunch of our famous sweet carrots every week. In addition, you will get hearty amounts of the other seasonal produce that is coming out of the field. From tasty, early-season items like Japanese Salad Turnips, Radishes, bok-choy, kohlrabi, and napa cabbage to the summertime favorites such as tomatoes, green beans, beets, broccoli, cucumbers, basil, zucchini and more. And into the fall season with staples such as potatoes, onions, garlic, pumpkins and winter squashes. You can also expect regular installments of other standard market-fresh items throughout the season. Please know that we are ultimately subject to the forces of nature, and will have what we have based on how the season goes, but this is the plan!!

When: Tuesdays, 4-6 pm, from Mid-June (most likely 6/18) – Early October (10/1)

Where: Homegrown Farm, 2930 CR 526, Bayfield (about a mile east of town, just off the highway)

Cost: $520 for the entire season of goodness (this includes all taxes and fees). We can accept credit cards, but would greatly prefer a check. Also, we can do a deposit/payment plan if needed. If you would like to volunteer in trade for a share this season, click here.

Pick-up will be right here at the farm. Come see exactly where and how your food is grown. You’ll have a chance to talk to the farmers as well as fellow CSA members. It’s a great place to trade recipes, share tips and see your friends and neighbors. Pickup will be market style, meaning we will let you know how much of each item to grab. In addition, we’ll have a donate/share/free bin, drop in an item you don’t like and pickup more of the items you just can’t get enough of.

To sign up, please fill out the form below! Once we get your registration, we will send you an invoice and more info.